A charming, new site for meetings and parties in Korpilampi in Espoo. The stable is a valuable, 150-year-old building. Its exterior in beautifully weathered while the interior is completely remodeled into a meeting and party space that meets modern requirements. The Old Stable features a large dining area with a full kitchen and meeting facilities complete with necessary equipment. One end of the building contains a large sauna area and an inviting fireplace room. The spacious upstairs hall can be used as a space for group work. You may bring your own beverages with you when you come or alternatively the staff can purchese the desired beverages ahead of time at Alko (state liquor store) prices. This is due to the fact that the Old Stable is not licensed to dispense alcohol.

+358 400 602 180
Vanha Talli
Korpilammentie 7
02970 Espoo

Old Stable brochure (pdf 600kt)